The Allyson Group is shifting to a 100% content writing focus in 2020. We will also, for the first time, offer content planning as a product! We are the content people in the content marketing matrix.

We serve the people inside organizations who are responsible for web content that attracts eyeballs and generates leads. And we work with business owners who are investing in comprehensive content marketing strategy – and need tons of content.

These clients have a continuous need for high-quality, original content, expertly covering a variety of business and lifestyle.

So, this site will change radically, and this blog is going to go away.

It will be no great loss to my handful of subscribers. Over the years, this blog has served a ridiculous number of functions, both business and personal topics.

I’ve used it recklessly, unstrategically, for my writing and editing business, my art rep business, my social enterprise handbag business, and the teensy-weensy bit of my personal journey I was willing to share.

(Dance as long as nobody’s watching!)

I never tried to build a following, or become known for just one thing. You can tell I didn’t know the first dang thing about SEO – search engine optimization. Well, I do now.

Anyway, here’s what’s changing.


The shop is finishing up our last big editing project. The authors and books part of our business is going away. 🙁 Sad, but true. No more ghostwriting (except blogs!), book editing, or self-publishing in our portfolio.

Publicity and public relations are going away, too – except for the brand consulting required to create original content for companies.


We write content for websites, blogs, and social media – giving business owners, entrepreneurs and nonprofits as much original, SEO-optimized content as they need, as often as they need it.

This domain – https://theallysongroup.net – will be ported over to serve the business, exclusively.

Will I maintain a personal blog? Not sure. Gotta start with “Why” and right now I don’t have one. Funny how, the older you get, the quicker you can sort through what’s worth keeping and what’s not.

New visual branding is coming, too. I’ll be sending a lot more about all this in the coming days and weeks!

Need these services right now?!!! Call today and let’s talk through your project.