Here at The Allyson Group, we’re about to relaunch this content creation thing with a clearer brand focus.

Why? Because we need to become a match for the kind of work we’re doing.

After being known as “general business” writers, editors, and PR people for a long time, The Allyson Group is expanding in 2019 to serve clients who identify as social-impact businesses or social enterprises.

Is your business a “social enterprise?” We want to help you elevate your message and extend your reach. Attract the people who can help you, as volunteers, funders, partners – tribe. Let’s get you to your tribe.

Better yet, let’s use better brand messaging to get them coming to you.

What’s a social enterprise? Glad you asked!

Social Enterprise Alliance suggests the following basic working definition:

Organizations that address a basic unmet need or solve a social or environmental problem through a market-driven approach.

The Good Trade describes it this way:

Think of it this way–a social enterprise exists to achieve a social mission–such as providing healthcare or safe drinking water…, introducing renewable energy, creating jobs for the unemployed, or advancing education initiatives.

The L3C – or “Low-profit Limited Liability Company ” – designation identifies the social enterprise business for IRS tax purposes, and Grant Space at The Foundation Center offers this definition of the L3C:

…a for-profit with a nonprofit soul

The Foundation Center also posted this video for the deep dive on L3Cs.

This social enterprise / L3C segment of business is growing in strength and power quickly because:

Young capitalists believe in business as a force for good.

More and more consumers actually care where their stuff comes from and, increasingly, they shop their values.

The internet has connected us to the whole world – so that we see the PEOPLE on the other end of our government’s policy decisions, our businesses’ operational decisions, and our own buying decisions.

More and more millennials refuse to work in meaningless jobs.

Because we can. With all the new tools available – many of them for FREE, it’s possible to make a HUGE impact without a fortune in seed capital – with just a vision and a plan.

We are excited about it.

To be clear: we are already doing this work. That’s how we know we love these fledgling enterprises. They are energetic! Some have already had a measure of success–and need only to uplevel their brands to start attracting serious money. Some are bootstrapping a startup with just their passion and a lot of heart.

Know anyone who needs us? Please send them to this page where they can schedule a time to talk through their project.

We do pay referral bonuses – so there’s a little something in it for you too!

We ask people: “Are you seeking earned income through the activities of your business – while executing a mission to do good in the world? We just might be your communications team. Give us a call to talk about it!”