Top Shelf Intranet Content to Align Employees

Intranet Content to Align Employees with Top-Level Strategic Goals

If you have employees, you hopefully recognize them as your greatest asset. On the other hand, among your greatest challenges may be to recruit, hire, develop, and align them with your company mission, vision, and values. 

This is the job of employee communications. Employee communications is the strategy. The intranet is just one of many tactics a company will use to communicate with internal stakeholders. 

History of the Intranet

The Intranet arrived on the coattails of the Internet. when digital communication became the norm. Intranets are private portals off the internet, used by companies and organizations for internal communication.

They offer huge opportunities for internal branding, cultivating employee interest and engagement, and shepherding all internal stakeholders down the same path. They can also be used to connect employees, bringing people together.

Percentage of companies that employ intranets today:

Functions of an Intranet

Aligning Employees with the Organization


An intranet is a private network. Like any exclusive club, brands whose employees feel vested in the success of the company make their intranets a place of value for employees:

  • HR portal - a quick search for information
  • training and development - so you can learn and grow
  • connection - a portal for company information (initiatives, results) down to the department level, so each cog in the wheel knows where they fit in
  • vision - sharing the strategic vision for the coming years. Inspiring employees with a vision for the future.

Human Resources (HR) Portal

This is where employee communications live. 


Getting people into your company and established in their jobs requires 

Policies and Procedures

In the quick information category are the range of company policies and procedures that govern behavior and relationships at work: attendance, performance metrics, what to do in emergencies. An intranet can put all these basics at the fingertips of internal stakeholders.

Training and Development

One of the core functions of an intranet is to provide an employee with the most critical information they need to fulfill their job function - and helping them win. 


Keeping connected to their colleagues and core functions of the company, a comprehensive, easy-to-search digital directory belongs on a successful intranet

Vision Communications

Sharing the vision can sometimes lead to discovery of the people who will take your company to the next level. Asking internal stakeholders to contribute to the vision communicates an even more powerful message.

Today, employee communications embraces giving employees top-level information about the company’s strategic goals, making clear where they fit in, and helping them to find their highest point of contribution. This is how organizations create brand ambassadors from the inside.

It may also be one of the best recruiting tools. People want to associate with companies that will value their contributions as employees, communicate with them comprehensively, deal with them fairly, and help them win. Current employees can be an organization’s most powerful recruiters of top talent.

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