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As a small business, it’s always about getting yourself out there. It’s about getting out there consistently and intelligently to serve the people who need your product, service, or great idea. 

Original content writing for your websites and blogs is one of the surest ways to sharpen the market’s awareness of your brand

What Is Your Brand?

Your brand is the way your business is perceived by the people it interacts with. It is not a fabricated concept. It is not an idea, or a marketing gimmick. 

Your brand literally exists in how you do business, and the quality of the relationships you have with customers, employees, shareholders, your local community, etc. I’ve heard it said that your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. That is as true for companies as it is for people.

The Value of Your Brand

Your brand value begins to accrue the day you put out your shingle. If you’re bricks and mortar, you may have to build out or renovate the environment your customers and employees will come into. You may invest in inventory. You begin fulfilling your product or service, and you invest in the costs of ding business. 

And as you grow, your ability to consistently meet expectations becomes part of your brand.

As you invest more and more, the value of what you’ve built grows in your mind. You have to communicate it all the time – to customers, employees, shareholders, etc. You change, and you have to communicate the changes.

As your brand grows in value, you begin to treat it with more care and respect.

You may say yes to a visual makeover – perhaps get a new logo, a new tag line. You create a style sheet for your growing marketing department, so your marketing material becomes intentional and consistent – no longer randomly “creative” or subject to the whims of every new employee. You probably have trademarked your brand symbols.

Why You Communicate Your Brand

All that beautiful growth is a journey that your customers take with you. If you’ve been treating them with respect all along (maybe by asking them what they want), they will almost certainly keep coming. If you find other ways to engage them, then you’re cooking with gas! You’re creating brand ambassadors.

When it comes to online communication, great content, and copywriting powers most of the communicating you do with the people you need to engage the most. Great writing helps you be found; then helps you clarify and explain your brand. 

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We write copy for websites and blogs that capture the essence of brands. Our B2B copywriting and content writing focuses on a company’s unique value and educates their customer about why – and how – to engage.

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