Cornerstone content

Cornerstone content, sometimes called “evergreen,” is content that anchors a website in the area of expertise it represents.

For the business owner or nonprofit executive in charge of a website’s content, this is the content that most precisely describes the work you do. It is, by intent, the content that’s most immediate and most helpful to the person seeking your services. It should guide them to you, and help establish you as their trusted source.

The Functions of Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content has the following basic functions:

  • help users understand how the product or service solves their problem
  • explain how to use the product
  • establish authority, with both users and search engines (which then send other users to your site)
  • anchor the site with information that won’t need to be updated often

It tends to be very much “explaining” content, and is usually long enough to explain the topic in detail.

The Format for Cornerstone Content

Length Matters

Cornerstone content is usually long-form, which in internet-speak means 1200 words or more. Most subjects take more than a few words to explain comprehensively, and cornerstone content must be comprehensive.

Images Matter

The internet is a visual medium. And some percentage of your customer base are visual learners, which means they get more information from pictures than from reading. The images that go with cornerstone content should tell the story with as much clarity as the words.

SEO Matters

You have a website for the following basic reasons: to establish your expertise and to help people access the product or service you offer. Optimizing your site – and all its content – to be easily found by search engines is a service to your customer. Optimization requires structure, taxonomy, and formatting. These are all systems of organization that make it easier for a user to navigate a site and quickly find the information they need. Whether you are going full out with content marketing, or just want a clean and tidy site that provides a good user experience, optimization matters.

Types of Cornerstone Content

Suitable topics for cornerstone content are ones that won’t soon change. Consider the fundamentals of your business. What needs explaining? Often cornerstone articles focus on:

  • helping and explaining your subject area and its parts
  • backgrounding your subject area
  • the “about us” section and your organizational history
  • product information that won’t change
  • how-to information – print and video

This is not a comprehensive list, but sufficient to make the point.

Need Help? Give Us A Call

At The Allyson Group, long form content is a speciality. With our Content Planning process we can help you identify your cornerstone topics and make a plan to write them.

When we do the writing, we deliver content fully optimized for the web, with images, meta tags, and an abstract for each of your social channels.

Give us a call today to talk through your project.

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