Est. 1994

Are you a for-profit with the soul of a nonprofit? We want to work with you!


We help social enterprises, nonprofits, and impact-focused businesses reach more people: attract more clients, partners, employees & volunteers, funders, investors, and supporters to help them make their difference.


Keyword-rich content writing, editing, and strong public relations tactical skills make sure client communications are on brand and on strategy. Our writing team relieves the busy CMO or CEO by taking content creation off their plate entirely – yet producing the top-notch professional content they need to draw visitors to websites, blogs, social media posts, and events.


Our content marketing specialists plan and produce the articles, op-eds, newsletters, intranet content, donor communication, and more, that feed the funnels.


We also have highly successful grant writers on the team to help clients identify and seek new funding opportunities to support their missions.


Sitting on a shaky brand? We know branding inside and out. We help you develop great content to establish your brand in the hearts and minds of your people – inside and outside the organization.

Our Services

Writing and Content Creation

We produce expert writing for organizations’ outward-facing communications: websites, blogs, LinkedIn, eBooks, op-eds, and speeches – as well as compelling, branded internal communications: employee newsletters, content for intranets, the CEO’s blog, procedural manuals, and more.


The writing team includes PR pros, grant and proposal writers, and former journalists with many combined years of experience producing tight, efficient copy that moves people to action.

Editing and Publishing

EDITING: The Allyson Group offers content and copy editing services for businesses, nonprofits, and individual authors. Authors: content editing is early-stage editing that takes your unique story and polishes it into prose that people will actually read. Copy editing is the final, pre-production polish.


PUBLISHING: Publishing services include coaching authors through the self-publishing process or professional handling of production and publishing – including cover design.


Alternatively, our network of independent publishing companies can help authors design, publish, market and promote their books.

Publicity and PR

At the Allyson Group we help social enterprises and other small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs utilize the power of traditional media – TV, radio, print publications, and speaking to groups to get their brand out in front of more people.


We help them zero in and refine their brand messages to attract ideal customers and make more sales. Today, more and more of our clients want to be booked on podcasts. We also facilitate media promotion of events.