At The Allyson Group we offer writing, editing, public relations, publishing, and social media management. Since 1994 we have served local clients in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia metropolitan area. The Internet extends our reach! Our clients today live nationwide.

Karen is a writer and editor with many years’ experience as a corporate communicator in the news publishing industry. Before that, she worked in technical writing, and before that graphic design. A varied background, once considered suspect, now enables what the Millennials call “free agency.” The others in the Group are former journalists, fiction writers, biographers, ghostwriters, graphic designers, photographers, and other full- or part-time freelancers. Not quite Digital Nomads (yet!), we nevertheless are free to accept only the projects that interest or inspire us.

The boom in self-publishing provides another avenue for us to do what we love. As Baby Boomers reflect on lives well lived and ask for help to pen their memoirs (most of our self-publishing consulting is in this category), we are here to help. Self-publishing is getting easier and cheaper by the day. The physical books can be gorgeous! The distribution channels are in place for the ambitious independent writer (- ever heard of a little fable called “Fifty Shades of Grey?”) We can show you the way.

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