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Karen James Cody, Owner & Director at The Allyson Group

Too busy running your company to promote it? That’s like planting and not watering. It doesn’t work!

The Allyson Group has since 1994 offered writing, editing, public relations, and publicity to small businesses, solopreneurs, independent agents, authors, and artists.

Publicity for small enterprises begins with crystal clear communication of a brand. How on target are your company’s active messages? Do they give people something to care about?

At The Allyson Group we are PR pros, writers, editors, and journalists with years of experience producing tight, efficient content that moves people to action.

Our media relations and publicity operation is geared to small business — efficient and affordable for the overworked, overwhelmed, but committed. We utilize the power of traditional media – newspapers, TV, radio, and influencers – to get smaller enterprises the attention they deserve and attract better quality leads.

Our clients are book authors, business professionals with deep experience in their fields, and service-based individuals: healers and personal development pros, real estate and insurance pros, and more.

On the content side, we produce for websites, blogs, books, newsletters, articles, sales material, internal company communications, procedural manuals, op-eds, speeches, and more. We burnish brands with great content.

Our affiliate partnerships for media training, photography, videography, graphic design, and social media will save you a ton of time and money, should you choose to use them.

With great writing and strong public relations tactical skills we also help individuals and companies refine their brand’s core messages to more firmly establish their products and services in the minds of customers and other key stakeholders.

In 2014 we added artist representation to our publicity portfolio and represent a small group of visual artists from diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds.

Our bids are based on years of experience and our work comes with a 100% guarantee.

View our Portfolio to see samples of our work.

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Public Relations

Nona Richardson, MitchRich Communications
Nona Richardson, MitchRich Communications

Nona is the chief strategist and senior writer at MitchRich Communications. She has spent the last 16 years supporting organizations that are impacting the lives of children, families and communities. She is a seasoned strategist, writer, editor, creative director, team builder and executive coach. She has worked in K-12 and higher education, non-profit, philanthropy and public relations agency arenas.



Social Media Strategy & Execution

Fiona B. Wright, Cool Mintz


Graphic & Logo Design



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1-Vertical Full Logo

Karen James Cody is also the principal at KUPENDIZA, a social enterprise marketing company that partners with women’s collectives around the world to market high-quality, everyday luxury handbags. Kupendiza currently offers handmade beaded handbags from the African Women & Youth Initiative in Nakuru, Kenya and Global Borders in Nandi, Kenya; and kanga and kitenge cotton wristlets and yoga mat bags from the Tanzanian collective Bahari Deco Crafts, based in Maryland. We are committed to the principles of Fair Trade and ethical fashion, buying directly from the artisan collectives.




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