I LIKE Twitter. Always have. The absolute necessity for brevity. The 140-character limit is unyielding.

In the beginning, it was life as haiku. Then, symbiotic apps grew to include links to everything: photos, videos, web pages, and of course, much, much longer articles.

As for writers, historians, and the news media, @Twitter emerged as a mind-boggling newsgathering resource during the first Egyptian revolution, in 2011, as the protestors used it both to organize themselves and to broadcast to the world via Twitter – from Tahrir Square. More recently, events surrounding the Boston Marathon massacre unfolded in real time via Twitter and other social media, with the Boston Police (@Boston_Police) as the ringleaders – communicating broadly and effectively with both the public and the national media.

Yet I keep hearing friends say: “I don’t get Twitter.”

Well, we’re going to address that here from time to time. Let’s see…where to start?

For you authors and would-be authors, from @Mashable: 5 Self-Published Writers to Follow on Twitter

And just for fun… I ran across this on Twitter, of course. From Huffington Post: @SpikeLee‘s ‘Essential Films’ list —



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