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Press releases used to have one purpose only -- to communicate with the media. While the message of your release was ultimately intended for the public, you mostly had to reach them through the Fourth Estate, aka the news media.


Today, however, press and media content has many purposes.


THEN, businesses used press releases to:


• announce company news
• take a position on a public issue


NOW, a press release may just live on a company’s website as fresh content - keyword rich and optimized to appeal to search engines and generate internet traffic.


They may also be directed toward industry insiders.

Regardless of its purpose a press release must written in a precise way. This is something worth learning as a small business owner, even if you plan to outsource the function.


The 5 Ws still apply today: who, what, when, where, why.


A press release must have a serious reason for being, and a real spine to the narrative. A press kit must tell an important story. 


Needless to say, at The Allyson Group we’ll make sure the lede is perfect. And, while there is no guarantee a press release will be “picked up,” our more than 30 years of experience working with the media will greatly increase your odds.


Ready to learn how to “hook” the press?


Give us a call before your next big news announcement to talk through your need for press releases, press kits, or other media-targeting content writing services.

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