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Memo to Employees: Emergency Preparedness

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-12-34-24-amTO:             All Employees
FROM:       Xoiaopp Ixpavb
SUBJECT:  Emergency Preparedness at PUBLISHER

The subject of emergency preparedness has commanded a great deal of the nation’s attention since the terrorist attacks of 2001. And, because we live and work in the national capital area, it takes on an even greater degree of significance and urgency.

But, as we’ve learned from a number of concerning situations over the last several years – Hurricane Isabel most recently – we all must be as prepared as we can possibly be for a variety of emergencies. And the more prepared we are as individuals and as a company, the more secure we can feel every day.

In any emergency situation, the safety and security of our people is PUBLISHER’s foremost concern. Because the safety and security of us all may depend upon the choices and responses each of us make in an emergency, PUBLISHER has taken the important step of publishing an emergency guide for all downtown and Our Townville employees. The PUBLISHER Emergency Action Guide you will soon receive this week is intended to help you take decisive and informed action if we’re faced with a crisis situation, and to outline the measures PUBLISHER has in place to provide for your safety and security.

After you’ve taken the time to read and understand the information in the PUBLISHER Emergency Action Guide, we will run two evacuation drills. The first drill will be scheduled in advance, and you’ll receive notification from PUBLISHER about its timing. The second drill will follow sometime later – this one without advance notice.

I urge you to read and understand the PUBLISHER Emergency Action Guide, and to take the information – and the upcoming evacuation drills – very seriously.

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