Content Editing

Plastics Exposed: The Incredible Story of How Plastics Came to Dominate the American Automobile 

Published August, 2017


Peter Herrman writes about life at the beginning of the revolution that saw plastics replace steel worldwide as the predominant material in cars and trucks. It’s a first-person account of that period when the public started to demand greater fuel efficiency and manufacturers began to build lighter cars, and gives readers a sense of the international cast of characters who created an industry.

The author is a non-native English speaker, which made this editing job a particular – if delightful – challenge.

We designed the cover and published this book for the author via Amazon’s CreateSpace platform. The final product was published in hard copy as well as for the Amazon Kindle.

Copy Editing

Interviewing The Caribbean, a literary journal for the Caribbean

Volume 1 (2015) and Volume 2 (2016)

Interviewing the Caribbean is a literary journal published by Editor Opal Palmer Adisa, now a professor at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. The journal is now in its third edition. It is comprised of interviews with the pre-eminent Caribbean writers and artists of today.

Content Editing, Copy Editing

The Caribbean Writer

Volume 24 (2010) and Volume 25 (2011)

The Caribbean Writer, a literary journal for the Caribbean, is published by the University of the West Indies, St. Croix. It encompasses fiction, essays, dramatic writing, and poetry by Caribbean writers living at home and abroad.

Cover, The Caribbean Writer, Vol. 25
The Caribbean Writer, Vol. 24


About The Caribbean Writer, Vol. 24

Copy Editing

A Letter From an Eritrean Partisan




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