At The Allyson Group we are copywriters and content creators. We produce the kind of information that powers the web – using words, images, and video. Behind those words are the ideas, incentives, and calls to action used to market goods and services.

Sometimes we assume everyone knows what we do. But that’s not the case. So, here’s a bit about copywriting services: what today’s professional writers do, how we charge, and what you should expect when you hire a copywriter or content writer to create content for your website, blog, or social channel*

What do you charge for copywriting?

Copywriting will not be the largest chunk of your marketing budget. However, professional accuracy and speed can save you time and heartache, and are worth paying for if you have the budget. A competent professional should be able to match the pace of your internal marketing team, if you have one; and can consistently meet deadlines.

You’ll need experience working with a copywriter before you can calculate your own return on investment (ROI). But a freelance or agency copywriter will not cost you for health care and other employee benefits, and an experienced professional mayy execute your job in half the time of an amateur.

How do you work?

A copywriter is a surrogate for you and your company.

The process should always begin with a deep dive into the heart of your brand – a review of your company’s products, mission, vision, values, and workplace culture. The writer will seek to understand your customer and your brand promise to that customer. Not everyone who will ever buy or use your product, but your ideal customer. They will ask – or research for themselves – questions like:

What is your company’s unique value proposition (UVP)?
How you compare with your closest competitors?
Of companies most like yours, who IS ranking in search – and what are they doing that you’re not doing?

They will review your current marketing, and survey you to distinguish your goals.

Only then can the writing begin.

What is a Content Library?

The survey of your goals will provide the answer to that question. We can work with you to provide content if you are:

Refreshing a simple website of 10 pages or less with original content
Establishing thought leadership through a platform like a blog, LinkedIn, or Medium
Implementing a content marketing strategy that uses content, social media, and digital advertising to attract and drive leads

What is Content Planning?

One of the benefits of working with professional copywriters is that we will introduce you to content planning, if you’re not already doing this. Like any other kind of plan, a content plan gives structure – to your content. It can also give you a new way of thinking about your public communications as a whole.

The writer will create a content topic list that captures the essence of your brand. From there, together, you craft a content calendar.

The content calendar lets the writer know exactly when copy will be needed – down to the day and the hour – and which type of content is to be produced.

Content planning is done in calendar quarters – three months at a time. This produces more cohesive, thematic content for the customer – well thought out and high-value. Done well, it is another arm of your customer service operation.

And the content plan is the device we use to keep all parties on the same page when it comes to:

a) working with multiple writers (including yourself, perhaps), or
b) integrating professional content writers with your existing marketing team


Can you work with an in-house creative team?

Integrated teams of committed professionals can work very well together. The determining factor is the leadership of the team, and the clarity of the agreement that specifies who does what. When skills are complementary, team members make each other look good. This is a characteristic of the most successfully integrated teams – and at The Allyson Group, this is the dynamic we seek.

Today, software and apps make it possible for people in many different places to work together on complex projects with complete transparency, using tools like Asana, Trello, Google Suite, shared calendars, and group chat apps.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept business checks and almost any form of electronic payment. For clients on 3-month contracts or longer, we accept automatic recurring payments with a signed EFT authorization.

Why do I have to sign a 3-month minimum contract for blogging?

Any strategy using content – whether simple or complex – is a long term strategy. Three months is the bare minimum. We require a 3-month contract for blogging because it brings clients into the understanding of content planning.

We are not the cheapest, and so our commitment is that our clients understand the complexities of strategic content writing (No, it is not rocket science, but there is both science and art to it). After working with us, they comprehend the framework for creating their content – whether they continue with us or not.

Do you do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Content writing is just one tool in the SEO tool box. The writing must be compelling. It must inform and engage. It has to get people accepting your calls to action, clicking on and sharing your posts. However, without a well-planned, well-structured website architecture, great writing alone will not get you into the top three search results.

Therefore, we have powerful web development partners who deliver fully search engine optimized websites for clients at every level of business. They also offer website hosting and security services.

We also partner with content marketing strategists. These SEO pros are expert at crafting the long-term strategy for making your enterprise rank well in organic searches.

We’ll be happy to make the necessary introductions.

Can you help me with my branding?

At The Allyson Group we write expert, original copy for websites, blogs, and digital content marketing programs – copy that articulates the essence of small business brands.

Here’s our list of services.

Still got questions? Call anytime for a free 30-minute consultation and to talk through your project.

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