Long-Form Articles drive Small Business Thought Leadership

Demonstrate your business expertise with high-quality long-form content

Original, long-form content for websites and blogs is one of the most powerful ways for a small business, nonprofit, or social enterprise to express thought leadership.


Innovative business owners break new ground every day and  often could benefit from industry feedback and collaboration.


Do you have the ideas; but no time to write? Are conversations taking place in your industry that you should be part of?


We can help.


We are ghostwriters, copywriters and content creators. When we deliver branded, original articles on the topics that move your industry, the point is to get you noticed.

Great content is at the foundation of great online marketing
Long form articles are still considered the highest value content on the web.



Content marketing is founded on copy that educates, informs, and - at some point - inspires the reader to action.


Research begins to show that long form content for websites and blogs achieves all these objectives better than shorter pieces. As a result,  search engines favor longer-form pieces.


What this means is that original authored articles that show authentic thought leadership can be a powerful way for smaller companies to get their voices heard. 


Original articles and thought pieces for trade publications that cover your industry let you participate at higher levels of leadership.


So, if beefing up your industry or community profile  is one of your business goals, publishing long-form content will help you.



Your Industry's Trade Press Loves Long-form Content 


Speaking of the trade press, the marketplace of ideas is always hungry for authentic thought leadership.


The world has problems, and hopefully you’re in business because your product or service solves one of them.


The trade press, in particular, appreciates thoughtful pieces on business issues their members care about. The peer to peer exchange of ideas is a large part of why they exist.


Many trade publications welcome regular contributors. This is one way companies get their voices heard.


And there may be many other benefits to thought leadership inside your industry as well: sharing your ideas can lead to collaboration, investors or partners, or just a greater public presence for your business.

Advance Your Issue Advocacy with Long Form Articles


Need to get your message out on an issue of local, regional, or industry significance – but don’t have time to write it yourself? 


The best companies see themselves as corporate citizens, responsible to and responsible for the communities where they do business.


Having a strong public voice that advocates for what you believe in can establish your company’s leadership, build the trust factor among people who share your ideas, and be very good for business.

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