Copywriting: Take Command of Your Brand Online!

Give your brand an upgrade with professional content writing

Many business owners don’t realize how dramatically and quickly professional content writing can elevate a brand – on websites, blogs, and in social media. They may know enough to fear looking bad online, and know it’s a drag on their reputation. But they just can’t find the time – or don’t know  how – to fix it for themselves.

If you see yourself in that description, this article is for you.

Your Brand and How You Market it Online

What are the elements of your (online) brand? In most cases, we are talking about a website, some social media company pages, and perhaps a blog.\

They started out as fun projects, but there was no plan for consistency – and the “marketing” objectives were not clear. Before long, it was a mess. Typos. Bad links. No links. Months go by in between posts.

Before you get to that point, make time to clean up your digital brand.

How Professional Content Writing Can Help Develop Your “Digital Brand.”

Clients usually seek help from a professional copywriter when they see themselves in one of these scenarios:

  • They jumped onto the web without a plan. They never heard of a content calendar — yet they started a LinkedIn account, a Facebook company page, and a Twitter feed for the company. Yikes!
  • The business got too busy. They got started, but things got behind. Now they don’t know how to catch up – or how to move forward.
  • They suffer from “I can’t write” syndrome. Ok. But a business owner doesn’t have to be good at everything. Help is available!
  • They have a love/hate relationship with computers. But they run a business in the 21st A viable business must be “Googleable,” or people don’t believe it’s real. So they let somebody build them a website. Now what?

Regardless of the reason, they all have the same problem: how to keep up with the requirements of a digital brand. Organization, and a conversation about goals and vision are required.

We teach business owners how to turn their websites and blogs into real working assets – and not let them:

  • just sit there, or
  • become an outright embarrassment!

Create a Content Plan and Strategy

Yes, different types of organizations need different approaches to their online presence.

In all cases, however, the road to great content will be smoother if you already have a clear sense of your brand. Because the copywriter’s first deliverable will be a content plan.

A strong, confident brand makes content planning a simple, strategic process.

  • Who? (Audience)
  • What? (What do they need to know to do business with you?)
  • Why? (Which business goal is this piece of content connected to?)
  • When? (That’s the calendar part. When does this piece get posted?)
  • Where? (Where does this piece get posted?)
  • How? (Process: who does what)

The “why” will tie back to your objectives, and will determine the call to action.

The “what” is where you demonstrate that you understand their challenges – and lets you outline the solutions your business provides for them.

So that’s the story you tell with your content. The content plan is the quarterly structure on which you will build 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or a full year’s worth of content.

The bottom line for every business: customer service! In helping you create that content plan, a professional copywriter will help you keep customer service at the forefront of all your digital properties.

Invest in great copywriting to express your brand voice

The Copywriting Matrix: Brand, Goals, Structure

A professional SEO content writer knows how to deliver on what your customer expects: clear, cogent, and useful information across all your digital channels.

The copywriter’s work begins with understanding your brand – and your business goals – long and short term.

The next step is to create a content plan.

A deep dive into your goals, and the resulting content plan, let you:

  • get inside the mind of your customer,
  • understand exactly what they need, and
  • plan your content to meet those needs

Before sitting down with the writer, try to decide what you need from your website, blogs, and social media.

The answer may depend on what kind of business you operate:

  • Is all your business local? Is your marketing face-to-face? It’s possible you just need to let customers know what you do, where you are, when you’re open, and how to reach you. Basic.
  • Or your primary need may be a way for clients to book appointments (for example, hourly service providers like massage therapists or nail technicians).
  • But maybe you run an internet-based business. The whole world is your market. You probably need a full-service e-commerce storefront. And it has to be pristine and user-friendly – just like a real store. You need the best content possible to find your prospects and generate sales online.
  • If you are a social enterprise or nonprofit, you may need to issue calls to action for diverse groups: volunteers, donors, or investors, for example. Your content will be some combination of storytelling, highlighting your impact, and inspiring like-minded people to join you.

Tidy Up Your Online Brand, and Keep it Tidy

Keeping the content on your social channels current and relevant is a job.

Whether you work with a firm or make it part of an employee’s job, the big opportunity is to sit down and create a thematic content calendar that tells a story – your story, and your customer’s story!

Content planning to achieve big online marketing goals is manageable, even for the smallest company. All it requires is intention and commitment.

And it will be a really small investment compared to almost every other category of your marketing spend.

Keep your plan simple, and scale over time. And when your budget permits a further investment in content marketing – when you let the content lead your marketing strategy – step up to the plate and hire a firm. Great copywriting and content add jet fuel to this kind of marketing.

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