Competitor Review

Gathering competitive intelligence on other companies in your industry is one of the basics of marketing. You want to both find your level and understand what the top companies in your sector are doing.

If you’re planning to use your website/blog to generate leads for your business, you will want to study your close competitors who are operating at a higher level - perhaps appearing in the top three results in a Google search.

What are they doing that you are not doing? On the other hand, what are they not doing that you could do that could make a difference?

The Role of Competitor Reviews in Content Writing

In the initial stage of Content Planning, we review our clients’ closest competition - and any similar companies they direct our attention to. It’s incredibly valuable if a client has already done this work. It’s not just that we save time on our process, but these clients tend to have a better understanding of their market environment. And since content marketing is a long-term strategy, available data simply provides a head start.

So we gather or review all available data and incorporate what we learn into the strategy for our content plan.

Areas of Focus When Studying the Competition

- advertising tactics
- sales tactics
- search engine optimization
- keywords
- key messages
- social media tactics

The Goals of a Competitive Review

Marketing success requires that you distinguish yourself in the mind of your prospective customer. That means you offer clear differences from your competition. A competitive review takes a look at their tactics - to understand what they’re doing that’s working. But a review is also to study how they position themselves (their brand), and perhaps the messaging they use to recruit employees. Your job becomes figuring out how to express where you’re different. That’s what marketing pros mean when they say “Find your tribe.”

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