Toni-Morrison-Liberian-President-Ellen-Johnson-Sirleaf-Criminal-Justice-Advocate-Susan-Burton Women's History Month, like all the other months designated for special cultural observances, always provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the ideals that are most important to us. In 2015 the United States Treasury announced that the portrait of Alexander Hamilton, the nation's first Treasury Secretary, on the $10 bill would be replaced by the image of an American woman - starting in 2020. There were online votes in which interested parties were asked to select from among a list of top contenders. However, the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" renewed appreciation for Mr. Hamilton, and it was decided to let the $10 bill alone. The woman's portrait would instead go on the $20 bill. We have learned that the woman will be Harriet Tubman. carte-de-viste-harriet-tubman-photograph-by-benjamin-f-powelson-collection-national-museum-of-african-american-history-and-culture-and-library-of-congress-2017_30_47_001_promo We affectionately call Harriet Tubman "Black Moses" because her bravery in various capacities - surprising for a woman - rescued hundreds of enslaved people. Many supporters are pleased about this because Tubman's image will replace that of America's 7th President, Andrew Jackson, who got rich as a slave owner and was instrumental in robbing various Native American tribes of their land.