Our Artists

Tunde Odunlade

Tunde Odunlade ’s unique fabric technique, relief batik, is his own contribution to the tradition of batik around the world. He has exhibited and performed throughout Africa, Europe, and the United States.

Caryl Henry Alexander

Caryl Henry Alexander (aka Caryl Henry) is a prolific painter, printmaker, and craftswoman and as an art consultant she facilitates innovative adult and youth program development, project management, and evaluation. Her career includes 25 years offering visual arts projects in communities with a focus on creative literacy, community collaboration, and arts-integrated curriculum.

Carlos Uribe

Carlos Uribe is a New York City-based silkscreen artist whose work encompasses prints, drawings, collage, textiles, and other media of interest. Endlessly inventive, some of Uribe’s most coveted work is silkscreen on copper plate.

Gbenga Adibi

Gbenga Adibi is a Nigerian artist who studied under Tunde Odunlade. His one-of-a-kind batik prints and paintings, rapidly gaining popularity, are still very accessible at $150 per.

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