New Content Writing Focus in 2020

On the Pivot, Again





Content planning, content writing, content strategy, and more





The Allyson Group is shifting our focus in 2020 to the realm of content writing, content marketing, and search engine optimization. We are the content people in the content marketing matrix. We serve website designers, chief marketing officers, content marketing strategists, and business owners investing in strategic content marketing.





This blog has served a ridiculous number of functions over the years. I'm a writer, so I signed up for a blog as soon as they became a thing. Back in the 1990s. But, over the years I offered the world only sporadic poetic musings; nothing of consequnce. Nobody read them, so I was emboldened to write more. (Dance when nobody's watching!) Only a couple of people read these, so it was still ok.





Yet, over time, this blog would come to serve my writing and editing business, my art rep business, my social enterprise handbag business, in addition to the teensy-weensy bit of my personal journey I was willing to share). I never tried to build a following, or become known for just one thing. You can tell I didn't know the first dang thing about SEO - search engine optimization. Well, I do now.





Content planning takes a key position in the TAG portfolio in 2020





Anyway, here's what's changing.





Going Away, Sadly





But the shop is finishing up our last big editing project. The authors and books part of our business is going away. :( Sad, but true. No more ghostwriting (except blogs!), book editing, or self-publishing in our portfolio.





Editing and publishing are leaving The Allyson Group portfolio in 2020





Publicity and public relations are going away - except for the brand consulting required to create original content for companies.





Going Forward, Joyfully





We will focus on content writing for websites, blogs, and social media - offering expert search engine optimized, branded, original content to small businesses and nonprofits.





This domain - - will be ported over to serve the business, exclusively.





And any personal blog will be brand new, which will be more opportunity than loss. Funny how the older you get, the quicker you can sort through what's worth keeping and what's not. Time sharpens perspective, IMHO.





2020 TAG logo by Josie Designs, Ellicott City, MD





New visual branding is coming, too. I'll be sending a lot more about all this in the coming days and weeks!





MEANWHILE, meet Ma Margaret's House in Reedsville, Virginia





I have to rave a little bit about Ma Margaret's House. It's a plush bed and breakfast inn in Central Virginia that's 150% worth the drive.





We had such a great time that I find myself having to give some juice to Ms. Alva Jackson and her beautiful inn, Ma Margaret's House. It was the house her grandparents built, and she has renovated it into a little gem of a country inn.





I'm going to let the photo gallery speak for itself, but I have to tell you that the price was ridiculously cheap for the experience we had! The food was amazing. Top shelf. And it kept just coming and coming, till we yelled: "Please, stop!" and rolled ourselves away from the table!





The rooms are gorgeous. I won't say I haven't enjoyed Southern hospitality before, or I'm likely to offend a couple of dear friends - but I've frankly never experienced it quite like this! I'm 'bout to get bourgie. I know I'll be going back!





Just wanted to share!





Thank you, Miss Alva!!!









P.S. Met Miss Alva through Miss V at Culture Coffee Too - Washington D.C. in D.C. #BOB #blackwomeninbusiness








Today is the first day of spring. But, sadly, this spring it's hard to be joyful. This spring, COVID-19 is the only conversation in the entire world. All of humankind, with our minds on one thing. And it's going to be like this for awhile. We're going to reinvent entire lives, I'll wager. Who knows what will come of that!



I'm inclined to humor whenever I'm confined to the house (which is NEVER!#$%!).



And I love Twitter.



So... I'll pass on this thread from @Buzzfeed. C'mon, stop sulking! Laugh a little already!!!




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