Marketing Kupendiza to Old Ladies? Ummm…


As I contemplate my next physical move in this life – perhaps my last, as one wonders how long one can keep “galivanting ’round de place” – I find myself purging again.

Throwing away stuff. This time I’m really doing it – not hiring packers who pack up everything. I’m talking going through photographs, one by one. Etc. This chore is a big one, but it’s not going to take a long time.

Box by box, purging. Do I really need another pocketbook?

I am VERY inspired by Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Since reading it, the keep-or-throw away choice has become simple and clear. Moment by moment I assess: does the thing in my hand, the thing I’m holding up to the light and examining with all my senses – does it “spark joy?” Or not? The answer always comes immediately. Done. Thank you, Marie Kondo! You’re a genius.

But the POINT of this post is that I’m discovering I CAN’T PRIMARILY MARKET KUPENDIZA TO MY AGE GROUP. We’re all purging! LOL. Not just me. We all have as many freakin’ pocketbooks as we need!

Not that we can’t justify another one. Not that we’ve given up our love of beautiful things. Not that we won’t spend freely to support the causes we care about. No, we do all that. But we’re simply in a new phase of life, and most of us are divesting everything we can!

So, like business marketers have known forever (probably centuries!), Kupendiza will focus on the young – the 18-35 year olds. The ones in the Acquiring Phase of their lives.

For twenty years I’ve wondered out loud why the heck most advertising seems targeted to our children? (Think Super Bowl ads. SMH.) “We have all the money!” I’d say. Ah! But I get it now.

So if our ads seem a little…youthful…going forward, just smile and know why.

And maybe me and my girls can unload a couple of those “vintage” macrame bags with the fringe (You know you still have yours!) at Eastern Market this summer! Make room for a Kupendiza summer tote? Eh?

Montara summer tote bag from Kupendiza




Author: kcallyson

Writer. Editor. Publicist. And now, blogger, fair trade importer.

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