Kupendiza Blasts Into Year 2!!!

We are excited to celebrate Kupendiza’s 1-year anniversary on November 20th!

We launched on that date in 2015, and then the real work of building a company began. Kupendiza* is a marketplace for high-quality, everyday luxury items – handbags, bags, and purses – from women’s collectives around the globe. 

We have done what most entrepreneurs do and stumbled forward, enjoying some wins, taking some hits, spending money foolishly at times, hoarding it when it’s scanty. 

But we come into the 2016 Holiday Season with our coattails flying!

We have events coming up!!! 

Kupendiza’s partnership with the African Women & Youth Initiative (AWYI), based in Arlington, Virginia, and Nakuru, Kenya, has been priceless. Co-founder Pauline Muchina, a tireless advocate for HIV/AIDS prevention and women’s empowerment, has been a friend in every sense of the word. She is endlessly patient. Her sister and co-founder Eunice is on the ground in Kenya running the Future African Leaders Project, the orphanage their work supports. She also manages the production of their world-class, handmade products. AWYI is the cornerstone of the Kupendiza collection.

Our other partners are wonderful too! We are refining designs with them, based on the tremendous amount of feedback we got from the market this summer. It has been a revelation. We are going to put in some of the features our customers want! 

We are ordering more of our best sellers. Yes. We are refining the product line.

So thank you for your generous support this year. You have been amazing boosters for Kupendiza! Hope we can lure you out to one of our Holiday events. May the year end be filled with love and family and warmth and peacefulness in the lives of you and your loved ones.

We adore you!



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