Kara Walker’s Provocative “Emancipating the Past” at University of Maryland’s David C. Driskell Center


Kara Walker’s “African/American,” 1998; Linocut; 44 x 62 inches; Ed. 22/40


One not to be missed. Kara Walker’s “Emancipating the Past”  at the David C. Driskell Center at the University of Maryland is a series of incredible silhouettes that “challenge(s) us to access buried emotions about our nation’s past.”  That’s a bit of understatement in the opening lines of the beautiful catalog written by Jessi DiTillio, an assistant curator of contemporary art at the Jordan Schnitzer Mseum of Art, which hosted this exhibit from January to April of 2014.

Kara Walker’s work explores all the rank stereotypes of slavery, in a style that will entrance most people and is sure to offend some. She works in print,  paint, silhouettes made from many different materials including laser cut steel. There is a film playing in the far corner of the gallery.

Worth seeing in person if you can take the challenge. The show opened Feb. 5  and will run through May 29.

Kara Walker at the University of Maryland’s David C. Driskell Center

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