What Are You Grateful For?


Random Musings on Gratitude

Joe Walker asked me that question today. I don’t know why. Maybe a Landmark Worldwide Self Expression and Leadership Program class assignment or something. But I’m so happy that he did.

I thought a moment, then wrote — because of course this was a phone text message, which is how even grown folks communicate these days:

“My freedom!”


“As a woman, as a descendent of slaves, as an American citizen. Right time and place to simply be free.”

I am grateful for my considerable freedom. My relative freedom in the world! Mostly I indulge myself in being cranky about all the things I would like to do – but don’t get to do. LOL. Yet when prompted by an unexpected question, that’s where my mind leapt to.

I get to be with that for the rest of the day. Thank you, Joe Walker, Jr.!

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