…as Yet Another Summer Winds Down: Transformation


Sitting in Sudbury, Ontario. Again. I am again reconnecting with the tremendous power of working from a beautiful location that inspires me.

Pondering “The Artists’ Way,” by Julia Cameron. Recommitting to being an artist. Writing every day, for the first time ever. If not now, when?

Shout out to Auntie Paula, and Gerry Litt, keepers of this beautiful, welcoming space!

As for The Allyson Group…

Big doings in our shop. As of June 1, The Allyson Group is a full time enterprise. Relaunched The Allyson Group website and created an About.me page. Low maintenance on the technology side, for now; these are just capabilities statements. I am re-engaging the team of top-shelf, seasoned professionals I have worked with for many years, including, but not limited to: PR mavens Celeste James and Brenda Siler, visual artist Caryl Henry, author and educator Opal Palmer Adisa, and playwright and Black Women Playwrights Group founder Karen L.B. Evans. And a lot more incredible talent, as well! Writers, editors, graphic designers, web designers. We are here to serve.

Exciting times!!! Transformation is fun!

Let’s see…what else have I been up to?


  • Parachuted into an amazing art project in Auburn, Ca. in May, via my lifelong friend visual artist Caryl Henry and Chicago-based art consultant and publicist Alpha Bruton. Also involved were Auburn potter Anita Posey Lowe, who hosted the project, San Francisco-based photographer Happy/L.A. Hyder, Folsom Lake College professor Talver Germany-Miller, and many more fascinating artists and art patrons. My personal contribution was in the construction of the labyrinth, helping execute the design (aka, providing some manual labor). The labyrinth was comprised almost exclusively of material found right there on Anita’s three acres. It was unveiled on the first night of the new moon/solar eclipse in May 2013. Awesome!
  • Picking up two novels where I left off writing them, some years ago. One is a NaNoWriMo draft. One is even older than that. Sooooooooo…if not now, when? Me, I just wanna write. ☺
  • Completed a totally fun writing project for art patron Changamire, and the “Little Rooster & the Mechanical Robots” project, slated for exhibition at THEARC throughout the month of September, 2013. It’s to be a collaboration w/ Children’s Hospital’s Creative and Therapeutic Arts Services and the Corcoran Gallery. For children of all ages.  Check it out! [Link to Follow]
  • Drafted informal social media plans for my friends: Bryant Bacon (Oakland, Ca.), Rick Dassler (Fairfax, Va.), and Sedleigh Adams (London, U.K.) Getting to do just the fun part! Just so you know: social media planning is a core competency at the new-and-improved Allyson Group.
  • Resurrecting @kcallyson on Twitter. A Twitter feed to represent and support The Allyson Group team.


  • Became a licensed financial advisor in mid-2012. Moving committedly toward financial independence for myself and my family. Helping others get there, too, as an independent financial advisor with WFG/Transamerica.

I would LOVE your feedback on the new online presence. PLEASE. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks, as always, for your encouragement and support!!!


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