Taking Stock…as the Summer Winds Down

Hard to imagine I have not posted to this blog for two months! Where has the summer gone? Let’s see…what have I been up to?

  • playing with my 20-somethings and their friends, who’ve been in and out of my house all summer. Fun!
  • editing the literary journal The Caribbean Writer, 24th issue
  • editing prose and poetry for the prolific Jamaican writer Opal Palmer Adisa (who happens to also be the new editor of The Caribbean Writer)
  • developing and managing websites and blogs (getting pretty good at this, albeit neglecting my own!)
  • communications planning for my company’s “green” initiative, which launches this fall
  • Tweeting
  • Link(ing)In
  • my taxes, finally!
  • tent camping in Central Virginia and the Shenandoah (out of cell phone range!)
  • one of a team of 12 coaches for the Self Expression & Leadership Program at Landmark Education – July-December, 2010

It’s been pretty exciting, and my goal to attract new work to The Allyson Group seems to be bearing fruit. I’m in communication/negotiation with two brand new clients right now! and expect to begin work on their projects in the next month or so.

But I’ll try to keep in touch here too! Promise not to be a stranger.

Thanks for your support and encouragement!


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