Web 2.0 and You

The buzz in Communications, capital C, these days is “social media.” The term refers to the broad collection of new tools that, collectively, make the Internet’s broadcasting potential accessible to almost everybody. Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn are among the best known.




We no longer need to be technology savvy in order to be broadcasters. ‘Software for Dummies,’ i.e. really really easy software, has brought the Internet to us. The software is, so far, free. Working with most of it is intuitive. Signing up takes minutes and “broadcasting” at a basic level is easy.

The benefits? People in far-flung locations can keep in touch in real time. Families long separated can now communicate. Parents have new windows into the world of their kids, and use the technology to track their movements in surprising new ways. The new tools render international boundaries and distance less and less important in matters of communications, and business.

So…how do you begin? How to get started? What do you do first if you want to get out there and become part of the groundswell of humanity speaking its Word so forcefully in so many media?

Get the how-to’s of social media from Mashable, a site of amazing diversity, chock full of resources for both the novice and the sophisticate. Although the complete novice might be more comfortable with this handy list from newmediaemily. [Hint: Every site in social media will lead you to other sites. So…how much time do you have on your hands?]

Smart and opinionated? A leader? Pitching goods or services? Maybe a blog would be the thing for you. How to start? Read some blogs, obviously. Learn the landscape, and the language. The blog search engine Technorati will lead you to them all.

And if you’re pitching any kind of wares, this study by Bulldog Reporter and TEKgroup International, Inc. pointing to increased use of social media by journalists suggests you could do well to reach them in this way.

Food for thought? I hope so. Until next time.



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Author: kcallyson

Writer. Editor. Publicist. And now, blogger, fair trade importer.

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